Full Time

Job Brief

• Plans new or modified installations to minimize waste of materials, provides access for future maintenance, and avoids unsightly, hazardous, and unreliable wiring.

• Remains consistent with specifications and local electrical codes.

• Measures, cuts, bends, threads, assembles, and installs electrical conduit.

• Splices wires by stripping insulation from terminal leads, twisting or soldering wired together, and applying tape or terminal caps.

• Connects wiring to lighting fixtures, appliances, and power equipment.

• Installs control and distribution apparatus such as switches, relays, and circuit-breaker panels.

• Inspects, trouble shoots, and maintains electrical services-including, but not limited to-circuit breakers, feeders, control wiring, and transformers.

• Repairs or replaces any electrical fixtures.

• Assists on projects such as HVAC and refrigeration equipment, pumps, lights, aerators, etc.

• Participates in the weekend “on-call” schedule and respond to calls in a timely and appropriate manner.

• Regular and reliable attendance.

• Performs other duties as required.


Industrial Electrical Engineering certification from a two year college or technical school and at least two years of related experience.

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