Out Sourcing

Sectors that are relevant to the UAE market needs

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industries contribute to the majority of the UAE economy. As per the result, the industry has come up with lot of job opportunities while operating these projects. Since UAE has the 10% of world’s oil and gas reserves, this industry is the backbone of UAE economy. Infotech understands the unique recruitment challenges and demands of this particular industry. With robust and dedicated approach, we find the right people for your business. We never compromise in the selection process and so, you get only the finest candidates.

Infotech finds the specialized people with required skill set to accelerate your business goals. Our employees are from the right talent pool and easily adapt to the organization’s corporate culture. We provide the following employees like project managers, QA/QC engineer, safety engineers, supervisors, construction, operation, maintenance personnel for mid-stream, upstream, and down-stream businesses. We have the license to provide personnel for oil & gas sectors.


UAE is a heaven for migrant professionals. MEP is specifically designed to ensure maximum performance to your assets. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other maintenance capabilities require routine breakdown callouts, and planned preventative maintenance for emergency response. They adhere to quality services and keep-up the safety compromise of end users. In order to render the cost-effective and technical services, they use state of the art technology to monitor performance and project specific indicators agreed upon the client requirements.

In UAE, we have a wide variety of job opportunities in the MEP sector. We have the capability to find the best candidate according to your requirements like individual skills, qualification, experience, and any personal preferences if any. Since, MEP is a thriving industry, we figure out the most dedicated candidates with prior work experience or capable enough to pick up your task. We provide electricians, plumbers, mechanics, HVAC maintenance and more professionals according to your needs.


With great progress in technology, manufacturing units have incorporated latest machines to accomplish their work. When manufacturing units are technically integrated with the equipments, you need skilled manpower to execute it smoothly. UAE has expanded its manufacturing sector within specialized economic zones. The major sectors include steel, aluminum, aerospace, automobile, ship building, ceramic, cement, chemicals, cosmetics, fertilizers, food, beverages, and consumer goods. We offer perfect candidates for all these sectors with the help of precise filtering procedures.

In UAE, we have a wide variety of job opportunities in manufacturing and warehouse sector. We have the capability to find the best candidate according to your requirements like individual skills, qualification, experience, and any personal preferences if any. We provide staffs in all functional areas such as R&D, management, engineers, project managers, support personnel, technician, administrative staff, quality control operatives, supervisors, and more.

Surface Transport, Rail & Ports

UAE has well-developed infrastructure with ports, airports, surface transports, and railways. It’ home to several popular airlines like Air Arabia, Etihad, and Emirates. The investments for expanding these ports are continuing in Khalifa port, Fujairah port, Jebel Ali port, and more. Similarly, Etihad rail and metros also continue to support the urban and transnational connectivity. There has been enormous growth in these sectors and we work hard to find the right employee for your organization.

At infotech, you get well-trained and experienced employees who are efficient enough to speed up your work with great commitment. They take up several responsibilities to enhance the rapidly growing economies. We make it easy to find the skilled and quality manpower around you. We deliver the best manpower with the ability to accomplish your tasks smoothly within the given deadlines. We provide several staffs for construction, maintenance, and also support management, operations, logistics, engineering, and support staff as well.

Farms & Agricultural

Agriculture is the backbone of the world. We know the old traditional farming and agricultural activities. Since, UAE is quite advanced; we could see a lot of inventions apart from traditional agricultural tips. Here, the manpower should understand the industry and work efficiently with the machines or equipments. At infotech, we find qualified and skilled people who are capable of learning the modern techniques and keep up with the on-going changes as well.

At infotech, we provide staffs ranging from growing cops to raising animals and fish, logging wood, encompassing diaries, farms, ranches, etc. Apart from the above, we provide a lot more to support farmers and their fields. In today’s world, skilled manpower is the need of the hour and it’s vital in contributing to your success.  Some of the job opportunities are farmers, food scientist, technologist, horticulturist, maintenance workers, botanists, farm equipment engineer, and more.

Telecommunication & Information Technology

UAE has amazed the world with hi-technology! There are plenty of start-ups following this economic pattern and accelerate the business opportunities. While taking a thorough survey of the telecom industry, we have designated the best candidates who work for your progress. Similarly, we provide customized solutions for talent recruitment. We have team working on the current trends and always keep you notified on the upcoming talents.

UAE has become the regional hub for back-office operations, teleservices, call centers, and other integrated services. There are plenty of smart city’s such as Dubai outsource zone, internet city, and events like GITEX has made UAE as the top reseller of IT and telecom products. However, it’s quite challenging to find the experienced manpower nowadays. We solve it aptly with qualified and reliable manpower. At Infotech, find the best manpower like hardware technicians, engineers, developers, designers, QA tester, consultants, project managers, and more.

Hospitality & Retail

In the rising economy, hospitality also contributes a lot to the global economy. Since it’s a very broad industry, we have a huge number of job opportunities and employers are looking for the best team to support their venture. There are plenty of opportunities for experienced and new comers in the industry. UAE has become the most attractive destination for shopping, tourism, and entertainment. It happens due to the splendid hotels, malls, and other locations. UAE is a sought-after location for conferences, exhibitions, meetings, and more.

We at infotech analyze these opportunities based on the demands from clients and provide the highly-skilled candidates. Since hospitality is a thriving industry, we figure out the most dedicated candidates with prior work experience or capable enough to pick up your training onboard. We understand that it’s crucial and satisfy your customized expectations. We provide staff in all functional areas like food, housekeeping, guest relations, room management, marketing, event coordination, retails, and more.

Health Care

UAE has one of the best health systems in the world and therefore it attracts many medical tourists every year. We have excellent healthcare systems managed by government, semi-government or even private sectors. Since, it’s a home to several advanced healthcare systems, medical tourism is gaining popularity these days. Moreover, healthcare requires experts in every department due to the rising population.

At infotech, we follow a well-structured recruitment process that attracts and retains the best candidates. You can opt for the most suitable candidate with specific qualifications and high expertise in their field of practice. The medical recruitment process may differ according to each country’s work nature and it may be tedious. So, you can approach infotech for hassle-free recruitment. Our healthcare manpower supply include doctors, consultants, staff nurses, practitioners, medical technicians, therapists, pharmacist, clinical assistants, surgeons, medical administrator, locums, and more.


UAE is a well-known business hub with the dynamic leadership of seven rulers of the seven emirates. Today, it has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Dubai has put all the business under the scales of complex legal commitments. Therefore, you have to find the most suitable professionals to simplify the business tasks. Now, the emirates and federal government has come up with several advanced projects in the pipelines.

Working with Infotech gives you access to the UAE’s trusted manpower supply services to all the industrial and government sectors. With proven track record of providing potential employees, we suggest the most suitable talent that matches your requirements. We focus on providing the right manpower to several government departments with experts in all functional areas like finance, legal, HR, IT, operational staff, administrative, and more.

Banking Financial Services & Insurance

Banking or finance industry is competitive in UAE because of the continuous advancements made in the country. Moreover, due to economic development in general industries, we need a secure space to handle these funds. As a result, we understand the need for white-collar requirements is quite challenging in the banking industry. Therefore, Infotech has established a reliable pool where you can hire qualified banking manpower in UAE within the shortest mobilization time.

We’re popularly known as the best banking recruitment consultant where we offer manpower from fresher’s to experience on either contract or permanent basis. We deeply understand the demands of clients since it’s a challenging sector and provide the best solutions with a quick turnaround time. UAE has a lot of freezones such as DIFC, ADG, commodity exchanges, insurance companies, and stock exchange that fulfills BFSI requirements. In order to support banking sector, Infotech provides financial experts, analysts, brokers in various domains, accounting, auditors, chartered accountants, and more.


Over the years, UAE has been recognized as the regional educational hub for students worldwide. Since, UAE has a strong curriculum from play school to international learning; it has a brilliant educational infrastructure. The curriculum looks beneficial from play schools tertiary levels to universities. Some of the leading learning opportunities are provided by AUD, HCT, Zayed university, academic city, Knowledge villa, etc. The advancements in educational industry have given rise to several job opportunities especially white collar manpower.

Here at Infotech, we strive hard to achieve the most suitable manpower according to all the academic organizations. We provide qualified candidates specialized in your required job roles. Get highly-skilled candidate profiles with reliable experience. Our education manpower supply include teachers, counselors, registrar, professors, principals, admission officer, head of department, curriculum developer, librarian, academic dean, and supporting staff from all disciplines to satisfy the changing requirements.

Alternate Energy

Renewable energy or alternate energy is growing at a fast pace due to falling prices and advanced technology. The conventional power generation finds it difficult to meet the increasing demand of population and gradually, it paves way for the growth of alternate energy. This comprehensive analysis determines the need of manpower in alternate energy. Here, you need some skilled employees to work on such renewable sources.

Since, UAE is the capital of IRENA or international energy agency, the country adopts solar or such alternative energy to satisfy its domestic requirements. UAE has also developed some research and other facilities to support the future energy ecosystem. Here at Infotech, we support your venture providing consultants, specialists, R&D engineers, technicians, and specialists in various disciplines. We extend our manpower solutions to both small scale and large scale power generation.

Aerospace & Defence

Due to continued global expansion, aviation and aerospace industries have rising demand for aerospace engineers. Moreover, aerospace industry has continued to expand at a significant rate above the global average. At Infotech, we support the spurring growth of aircraft manufacturing, MRO facilities, and aerospace-related industries with potential manpower.

We have been providing maintenance and manufacturing staff for both magnetic engineering and composite engineering. We recruit the following staffs like aerospace engineers, stress engineers, electrical engineers, designers, drafters, aircraft engineers, technicians, system integrators, project managers, avionic experts, CAD/CAM engineers and more. Even though, we have a huge demand for good skilled manpower in the aerospace industry, we make it happen with rigorous recruitment and quality services that stand out from your competitors. We support both long-term and short-term labor supply.