UAE’s fastest-growing job opportunities

UAE is a huge business hub with ever-changing and advanced work environments. Some of the popular or fastest-growing jobs in UAE include cyber security specialist, back-end developer, talent acquisition specialist, and data scientist as the job markets return to pre-pandemic levels.

Big data, network security and machine learning are some of the fastest growing skills that accelerate digitalization plans after covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic, digitalisation, transformation in employee prioritiesand new government policies in the region have influenced the most in-demand job – said Linkedin

As per the recent reports, 78% of the professionals are looking for a job change this year. Among which, 48% opt for high salary and 45% opt for better benefits, they’re most likely to switch jobs. Meanwhile, survey found that salary increase would convince employees to remain in their current company.

In the UAE, job competition has dropped by nearly 35 per cent and job seekers are in a stronger position to negotiate salaries and terms, LinkedIn said.

“Candidates are being increasingly selective about the organisations they choose to apply for – citing flexibility, compensation and company culture as critical factors.”

More than 50% of the employees said that salary and compensation are the reasons to attract employers. Further, they also look up for the long-term job security. Flexible working is key motivators to boost worker confidence. Flexible working has become the most common model in the UAE.

The top five fastest growing jobs are Content coordinator, Back-end developer, Data scientist, Business development associate and E-commerce coordinator.