Report – 65% of employees look for new job opportunities in UAE

As per the studies, nearly two-third or 65% of the employees look for new job roles in the next six months of 2022. Since they look up for high salary and better benefits, they opt for new roles.

The study found that employees have a positive job prospects for 2022. Additionally, 3 in 10 workers who were seeking new job roles in 2021 end, now 15% of the people will start the new job search. Further, 19% look for annual bonus payment.

The increased confidence in UAE economy stays ambitious among 46 percent of the people looking for new role, since the UAE economy is quite stable post-covid.

Around 25 per cent of employees admitted that they have been remaining in their current role to maintain financial security while the pandemic continued to create uncertainty; however, it seems that those concerns are rapidly dissipating.

This level of movement is healthy and it’s a good sign for local economy. This doesn’t mean that you should allow your employees to move on or put any additional measures to help retention.

Offering prospective employees good cpay and benefits is important for both retention and attraction but at the same time focus on giving them the right flexibility to work through remote or hybrid working style.

Study reports – 36% of the employers don’t listen to the employee’s needs

Around 36 per cent of respondents who will look for a new role during 2022 feel that their current employer does not listen to their wants and needs. While it is true that nearly three in five — 57 per cent — are looking for a higher salary and 54 per cent would like better benefits, these are not the only things that can make a difference.

With so many employees looking to move on, leaders should consider giving them new benefits and also attract new hires. More than 78% of the workers believe that businesses will have a hard time to find replacement staff.